SNP Square together with the Square of Velvet revolution and Kamenné square will become one united publi space. The future appearance of the Vivid Square is based on many years of analysis and research, according to which the architects designed the best solution.

Living Square will become a public living room, where a strong historical legacy is combined with the modern appearance of Bratislava.

The winning design was created by the renowned German studio Loidl based in Berlin, which has almost 30 years of experience in creating iconic public spaces.

Results of the competion

After an approximately one-year architectural competition, the international architectural competition in the form of a competitive dialogue resulted in a design that unifies the three squares in the city center and returns this space to the people, solving the traffic situation and climatic demands.

The story of the project

Živé námestie (Vivid Square) was the first competition in Slovakia, when competitive dialogue was used as a form of architectural competition. Read more about how the project was created, who is behind the project and what data it is based on.

What is the juror’s take on the design for the Vivid Square restoration?

The jury members of one of the biggest architecture competitions have already seen the designs of Vivid Square after its restoration. Everyone else needs to wait until the end of the year for the competition results as the competition is anonymous. One of the jury members, architect Michal Fišer, talks why it is better to […]

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Today we commemorate the 76th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising’s beginning

One of the most important events that took place in Slovakia gave also the name to the most important public space in Bratislava. However, SNP Square was developed without vision nor thourough maintenance of the public space. Further, this square is predominantly a tranzit area, about which, although being an important mental footprint of the city, […]

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Experience Vivid Square from another point of view

Related to the ongoing architecture competition to restore SNP, Kamenné and Velvet Revolution Squares, we have prepared more than 20 video features with the experts, participants who are active in the area and competition jury members. These video features and documents have been created because the architecture competition – competition dialogue to restore these squares […]

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