What is the juror’s take on the design for the Vivid Square restoration?

The jury members of one of the biggest architecture competitions have already seen the designs of Vivid Square after its restoration. Everyone else needs to wait until the end of the year for the competition results as the competition is anonymous.

One of the jury members, architect Michal Fišer, talks why it is better to realize such a big competition in the form of a competition dialogue and what is the approach to the square restoration of the four international teams, which take part in the competition.

The last two days were intense, however despite the measures related to the coronavirus, the teams and jury managed to meet in order to introduce the designs in progress and receive feedback as well. Besides the jury, the local participants, local residents deputies and experts could comment on the designs.


SNP Square, Kamenné Square and Velvet Revolution Square as well connect within each other a network of various details, history or technical features, which need to be addressed in a different way than via a traditional competition, where the participants just send their designs and the jury picks the winner.

🗣 The dialogue opens the possibilities to collect feedback and improve the designs and implementation of the comments, so that one of the most significant public spaces in Slovakia is restored for the future at a high level, but also that everyone is content with the design. The results of the competition are expected at the end of the year.

❓ We also asked the competetive teams, why they entered the competition to restore Vivid Square and what is the biggest challenge for them. The video feature will be released soon.