Experience Vivid Square from another point of view

Related to the ongoing architecture competition to restore SNP, Kamenné and Velvet Revolution Squares, we have prepared more than 20 video features with the experts, participants who are active in the area and competition jury members.

These video features and documents have been created because the architecture competition – competition dialogue to restore these squares – had to be done in the online space instead of meeting in person due to the situation related to coronavirus.

However, the advantage is that now anyone can view them.


For example, Ivan Štassel, the director of the Urban Conservation Institute in Bratislava, provides information about this area of great interest and detail. He explains, that the SNP Square area was between the 13th and 18th century a vacant area surrounding the city walls, so that the enemy had no place to hide. And since it was not allowed to build in the area, it logically was utilized for the market activities. In the video feature he also shows the underground space, that had various scopes and utilization throughout the last century.

The video features include also the introduction of the competition teams that have proceeded to the second phase of this competition: Atelier Loidl Landscape Architects Berlin; BPR Dr. Schäpertons Consult (Germany); REHWALDT LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS (Germany); ateliér Rusina Frei, s.r.o. OMGEVING cvba MINT (Czech Republic) a Sadar + Vuga d.o.o. (Slovenia).